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Monika Mlynarska

Monika Mlynarska on Chapter 12:

One good person mentioned in the book is the French surgeon that takes care of the old woman and the others. As soon as he treats the women, he is done taking any active part in changing the world around him for the better. He is seen bidding the women good cheer and telling them that what happened to them happens according to laws. He is not seen acknowledging that these laws are unfair, yet his actions tell that he certainly does not agree with them. As one of the positive characters in the book he does not display any willingness to act upon the wrong that he sees and this further contributed to the inaction of characters in this novel.

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Monika Mlynarska on Chapter 9:

The old woman here is seen directing Candide and Cunegonde to do what is necessary for them to be saved from the consequences of what Candide did. She has a wide range of knowledge about the voyage the three of them will have to make and she directs what will happen. She refers here to her one buttock, which we later find out the reason why she only has one in her story. Although the first thing she mentions is the negative aspect of the now ruined body that she possess, the next two things are quite optimistic and happy. The optimism that she has about the weather holds more value and meaning than she could have about people. Weather is more predictable and likely to disappoint a person, than people are. Weather is always fair and not calculating when people are the opposite.

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Monika Mlynarska on Chapter 7:

Throughout the book it becomes visible that characters such as the old woman, Martin and Cacambo lead Candide to action. When he commits crimes or gets in trouble these supporting characters urge him to act, leading with their knowledge. The company that Candide holds throughout the novel already has the wisdom that Candide relies on to escape whatever his troubles are. Although, Candide is the one with the money and essentially the power in these relationships he does not have a say in what the course of action will be. Voltaire makes a social commentary on that Candide may have power in one aspect, he does not posses all of it because of his lack of knowledge and in this paragraph courage.

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