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Corri Schembri

Corri Schembri on Chapter 12:

In the optimistic world that Voltaire has placed Candide, he use the old woman to balance the views of Pangloss and bring rational and reasonable ideals to the novel. She is a realist who sees things for what they are and she tries to show others, like Cunegonde, the same. Here she does not give pity to Cunegonde but instead asks her to find someone that hasn’t had misery because everyone does and people need to accept it and move on by looking forward to the future. The old woman believes that the past needs to be in the past and that misery should go with it. I find the old woman to be an uplifting character who adds a depth to the novel that other characters lack.

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Corri Schembri on Chapter 10:

This is a rare moment for Candide because he is starting to doubt and question Pangloss’s philosophy. At this point in his journey, Candide is thinking that this is not the best of all worlds because of all the troublesome situations that he has experienced thus far. I think that he is confused at this point because he is going in and out of Pangloss’s philosophy and trying to find the good in everything but with the unfortunate events he is unsure. While listening to Cunegonde he keeps the optimistic attitude to reassure her but she is full of fright and her hope is fading.

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Corri Schembri on Chapter 7:

I agree with Ms. Boone that although the old woman is introduced here she will be elaborated on in the chapters to come giving her background information. Candide’s reaction to the old woman shows how innocent he is since he has not been exposed to this much charity. He is able to see Pangloss’s philosophy of optimism and how the charity of others proves that he lives in the best of all worlds. The one thing I find interesting in this passage is that Candide asks the old woman who has inspired her to be good and I’m wondering why he would ask this? Does he find hard to believe that people are naturally good?

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Corri Schembri on Chapter 3:

I find it ironic that just moments before this religious man was preaching to a crowd about charity yet shows no compassion towards Candide in his time of need. Is it fair for a holy man to preach one thing and then not act upon it? His he a hypocrite? Candide technically didn’t even answer his Anti-Christ question with a definite answer so how can the orator and his wife treat him in such a horrible way. This situation should show Candide that we do not live in the best of all worlds but he is too naive to change his views from what Pangloss had told him.

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