Take a visual journey through Voltaire's Candide

Voltaire: The Martin J. Gross Collection in The New York
Public Library



In the world of Voltaire scholarship, The New York Public Library is today an essential site of pilgrimage. The Library’s Martin J. Gross Collection ranks very near the top of all Voltaire collections in the libraries of North America. Its holdings include virtually all of Voltaire’s major publications, a great many in first editions or in editions showing significant signs of revision. All 17 of the known 1759 printings of Candide are present, along with some of the most important collected editions, particularly those with which Voltaire was personally involved. Numerous publications about Voltaire by his contemporaries — about 175 titles in all — provide part of the background against which Voltaire worked with extraordinary energy as a philosopher, poet, novelist, dramatist, historian, popularizer of science, legal advocate, satirist, and champion of intellectual freedom.

This illustrated checklist of the collection’s holdings (as of 2008) will serve to make this resource better known to scholars and students throughout the world and to encourage their exploitation of it. This beautifully designed publication also includes introductory texts by Library President Paul LeClerc, collector Martin J. Gross, and antiquarian bookdealer Stephen Weissman describing the formation of the collection, how it came to the Library, and its ongoing development.

Softcover; 67 pages; limited edition of 700 copies.

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