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Chapter XII:
The Adventures of the Old Woman Continued

Illustration by Rockwell Kent from: Voltaire. Candide. New York: Random House, 1928. NYPL, Rare Book Division. By Permission of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum, The Rockwell Kent Gallery & Collection.

Dey: The ruler of Tunis or Algiers during the Ottoman Empire, 1671–1830.

Aga of the Janissaries: The Janissaries were infantry units that formed the Ottoman sultan’s household troops and bodyguards; the Aga was the commander of the unit.

Said the Old Woman, "As soon as the first fury of this terrible pestilence was over, a sale was made of the Dey's slaves; I was purchased by a merchant, and carried to Tunis; this man sold me to another merchant, who sold me again to another at Tripoli; from Tripoli I was sold to Alexandria, from Alexandria to Smyrna, and from Smyrna to Constantinople. At length I became the property of an Aga of the Janissaries, who was soon ordered away to the defense of Azof, then besieged by the Russians."