Take a visual journey through Voltaire's Candide



Chapter VII:
How the Old Woman Took Care of Candide, and How He Found the Object He Loved

Illustration by Rockwell Kent from: Voltaire. Candide. New York: Random House, 1928. NYPL, Rare Book Division. By Permission of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum, The Rockwell Kent Gallery & Collection.


Candide thought himself in a dream; indeed, that he had been dreaming unluckily all his life, and that the present moment was the only agreeable part of it all.

The Old Woman returned very soon, supporting with difficulty a trembling woman of a majestic figure, brilliant with jewels, and covered with a veil.

"Take off that veil," said the Old Woman to Candide.

The young man approaches, he raises the veil with a timid hand. Oh! What a moment! What surprise! He believes he beholds Miss Cunegonde? He really sees her! It is herself! His strength fails him; he cannot utter a word, but drops at her feet. Cunegonde falls upon the sofa.