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Illustrations by Rockwell Kent from: Voltaire. Candide. New York: Random House, 1928. NYPL, Rare Book Division. By Permission of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum, The Rockwell Kent Gallery & Collection.

All Possible Worlds is a conversational blog series on Candide, forming part of a larger NYPL celebration of the 250th anniversary of Voltaire's seminal work. The physical exhibition, which opened in October 2009 and will run until April 25, 2010, traces how readers have transformed Candide over the past 250 years through many translations, commentaries, and adaptations in art, theater, music, and other media. The blog series takes this history of readings and turns it toward the future, plugging Candide into the intellectual networks of the new millennium: a kind of Enlightenment 2.0.

All Possible Worlds features one or two new posts per week by a mix of outside contributors (critics, artists, scholars) and NYPL librarians and curators. The series runs from mid-February 2010 through the exhibition’s closing on April 25. The goal is to foster a city-wide rumination upon Candide and its many vectors through the popular and scholarly imagination. The blog series links to an interactive online edition of the text, allowing commissioned readers and the public to comment directly in the book’s margins — a networked marginalia project for the 21st century!

This project coincides with the launch of NYPL's newly revamped website, which prominently features blog commentaries, literary discussions, and multimedia dedicated to stimulating learning and conversation throughout the Library and the city.

Pangloss sometimes said to Candide: "There is a concatenation of events in this best of all possible worlds...."